Here you will find our latest used equipment which can be purchased in "as-is" condition, totally reconditioned, or repaired/rebuilt to your requirements.

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Used Equipment for Sale (12k)
Used Motors for Sale (7k)

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Used Equipment for Sale

Used Motors for Sale

Blowers - Air Handling
Blowers - Material Handling
Conveyors/Material Handling
Dust Collection
Electrical Gear
Size Reduction Equipment
Mixing Equipment
Packaging Equipment
Miscellaneous Equipment
Miscellaneous Parts

250 HP.
200 HP.
150 HP.
125 HP.
100 HP.
75 HP.
60 HP.
40 HP.

30 HP.
25 HP.
20 HP.
15 HP.
10 HP.
7.5 HP.
5 HP.
3 HP.
1.5 HP.

Blowers - Air Handling
Aerovent, Model B1-400, 10 HP.
Buffalo Forge, Model 32 4CB, 30 HP., 3" x 30" blade
New York, Size 249 II, General Purpose, 10 HP.
Twin City, Size 150, Type BCV, 3 HP.
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Blowers - Material Handling
Custom built, 40 HP., belt drive, 10" x 28" blade
Day, Size 40, 12" x 32" blade, 18" inlet, 15" outlet
Dayton, Model 4C130
Dayton, Model 4C330, 5 HP.
Dayton, Model 3C-106, no motors (3)
Dayton, Model 3C106, 7.5 HP.
Dayton, Model 3C108A (New Blower)
Dayton type, direct drive 7.5 HP.
Garden City, Size 15, 10"x30" blade
JayBee, 30 HP., 9" inlet, 8" x 16" blade, belt drive
Kelly-Duplex, Size DS-1910, 40 HP., direct drive, 6" x 16" blade
Mac Model 35, 12" inlet
Phelps, Model 50 HV-1, belt drive, 10" x 40" blade, w/o motor
Phelps, Model 54 RV-1, belt drive, 12" x 36" blade
Schutte, 40 HP., direct drive, 6" x 16" blade
Sprout Waldron, direct drive, 10 HP., 10" x 24" blade
Westinghouse, Size S421M, 20.25: inlet, 15.2"" x 36.5" blade
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Conveyors/Material Handling
Belt conveyor, Hytrol, 30" belt x 72" long, 3/4 hp.
Belt conveyor, Hytrol, 36" belt x 21', center drive, 1.5.hp.
Belt conveyor, Kelly-Duplex, 23" belt x 15'5", 1.5 hp. SOLD
Belt conveyor, Rapistan, portable, 10" belt x 11'9", adjustable
Bulk paper conveyor, wood slats, 54" bed x 26', 1.5 hp
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Dust Collection
Bag house, Buhler-Miag, air pulse, 576 sq. ft. filter area
Cyclones, new, any size
Cyclones, 48" dia. Weidenmann, high pressure, 4000 cfm.
Cyclone, 64" dia. Weidenmann, low pressure, 6500 cfm.
Cyclone, 66" Jacobson, long cone
Dust collectors, new, any size
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Electrical Gear
Circuit breakers, Square D, I-Line, many sizes, 240 v. & 600 v.
Circuit breaker, Square D, 800 amp, Model MAL36800
Disconnect, 400 amp, 240 v., fused, Westinghouse
Disconnect, 400 amp, 600 v., fused , Square D
Disconnect, 400 amp, 600 v., unfused, Square D
Disconnect, 400 amp, 600 v., fused, Cutler Hammer
Motor starter, part winding, Size 4, Square D, Type S, Nema 12
Motor starter, reduced voltage, manual, 100 HP., A.B.
Motor starter, reduced voltage, manual, 150 HP., West.
Motor starters, reduced voltage, manual, Size 6, Allen Bradley
Motor starter, full voltage, comb., A.B., Size 1, Nema 12
Motor starters, full voltage, comb., A.B., two Size 1 in Nema 12
Motor starter, full voltage, comb., Square D, Size 2, Nema 12
Motor starter, full voltage, Federal Pacific, Size 5, Nema 1
Motor starter, full voltage, GE, Size 5, open
Transformer, Sorgel, 75 KVA, 480 - 220/120
Transformers, Uptegraff, 15 KVA, 480 - 220/120
Transformers, Hevi-Duty, 15 KVA, 480/440 - 220/120
Transformer, Acme, 2 KVA, 240/480 - 220/120
Transformer, GE, 1 KVA, 480 - 220/12
Miscellaneous fused disconnects, 30 & 60 amp
Miscellaneous small motor starters and relays.
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Size Reduction Equipment
Champion hammermill, Model 18204A, 44" x 20" rotor
Champion paper shredder, chop and throw, Model SS2400
Forester hammermill, 18" wide x 24" dia., 125 HP.
Heil hammermill, 24" wide x 24" dia.
Jacobson hammermill, Model ID-161B, full circle, 20 HP.
Jacobson hammermill, Model P-240D, full circle, 20 HP.
Jacobson hammermills, Model P-241-DTE, full circle, 75 HP.
Jacobson hammermills, Model P-481 DCT, full circle, 48" x 10"
Jacobson hammermill, Model 24DF10
Jacobson hammermill, Model 2400, with quick change screen
Jacobson hammermill, Model 2424DF11 (rebuilt)
Jacobson hammermills, Model 2436 Ajacs, with blower
Jacobson hammermill, Model 2436 Ajacs, without blower
Jacobson hammermill, Model 2436, with Pollock converted top
Jacobson paper shredders, Model 3248
Jacobson paper shredder rotor
Jacobson pulverizer, Model 16-H, 50 HP.
Jay Bee hammermill, Model 5W
Grundler vertical shredder, Model 48RS, 150 HP. (rebuilt)
Hammerlund paper shredder
Haybuster Low-Density Fiberizer, Model LDF-2
Haybuster fiberizer rotor
Kelly-Duplex hammermill, Model S, 22" x 24" rotor, 150 HP.
Paper Shredder, 18" x 20" rotor, blower attached
MikroPulverizer, Model 2DH, carbon steel (rebuilt)
MikroPulverizer, Model 4TH, carbon steel
Mitts Merrill high-torque, low speed shredder, 10 HP.,
   14"x17" with reversing starter
Prater hammermill, Model G09-F, 18" wide x 24" diameter
Prater hammermill, Model G09-S, 18" wide x 24" diameter
Pro Star (Bryant Poff) hammermill, Model 3600, 24" rotor
Reynolds Engineering pulverizer, Model 22-H
Saturn Shredder, 52" x 32" second stage shear shredder
   (high torque type), 150/300 HP., hydraulic

Schutte hammermill, Model 1380, 24" x 24" rotor, with blower
Schutz-O'Neill pulverizers, Model 16-H
Schutz-O'Neill pulverizers, Model 22-H
Schutz-O'Neill pulverizers, Model 24
Schutz-O'Neill pulverizer, Model 28-F
Sprout Bauer attrition mill, Model 36
Sprout Bauer attrition mill, Model DM36
Therm-O-Quip 42" Low-Density Fiberizer
Viking hammermill, 15 HP.
Williams hammermill, Model 12 Meteor, with hydraulic clutch
Williams hammermill, Model 30 Meteor
Williams paper shredder, Model 250 Top Feed, rigid arms
W.W. Grinder hammermill, 48" wide x 18"dia., fixed hammers
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Mixing Equipment
Solem chemical blender/feeder, 26 ft3
Taylor ribbon blender/feeder, 13.3 ft3
Continuous paddle mixer, Marion, Model C2472, 24" x 72"
Sprout Waldron verticle mixer, SS, Model 96 ft3
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Packaging Equipment
Fiber Pak Flat Top cuber
Fiber Pak semi-automatic heat sealer
Fischbein bag closing system, conveyor, Mod. 10000 head
Santa Rosa insulation balers
Taylor vertical insulation bagger
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Miscellaneous Equipment
AccuRate Feeder, Model 602, 2" discharge auger, (new)
Acrison volumetric feeder, Model 140TW stainless, 8" auger
Blue M lab oven, Mod. 100A
CPM Century pellet mill, 125 HP., force feeder, Type AW
CPM vertical pellet cooler
Gerber CNC fabric cutter, Model GC-2001 (1992) SOLD
International paper baler, Model 1295, closed-end, 30 HP.,
     swing-out fluffer, Mayfran conveyor
Metal detector, Goring Kerr - parts only - older style
Miscellaneous lab equipment for insulation plants
Pulsafeeder electronic metering pumps, 30 GPD.
Schutz-O'Neill feeder for 22-H pulverizer
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Miscellaneous Parts
Complete line of long-lasting replacement parts for
   Jacobson and Schutz-O'Neill Pulverizers
Hammerlund paper shredder rotors - new and rebuilt
Jacobson hammermill rotors - used and rebuilt - 2436
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We also offer the following new equipment

  • Reynolds Engineering Air Swept Pulverizers
    (individual units and complete systems)
  • Therm-O-Quip Fiberizers (for low-density insulation)
  • Alanco Dust Collectors and Cyclones
  • Weg Electric Motors
  • Hytrol Conveyors
  • Packaging Equipment (for insulation and mulch)
  • Air-stream Trash Separators
  • Blowers (air handling and material handling)
  • Electromagnets
  • Feeders (for granules and powders)
  • Metal Detectors
  • Motor Starters (variable frequency drives and solid-state soft starters)
  • Paper Shredders (standard and custom)
  • Paper Shredder Rotors (Reynolds Engineering, Hammerlund, and Jacobson shredders)

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250 HP.
Fairbanks, ODP, 447TS, 1775 rpm., 460 v.
Lincoln, ODP, 445T, 1775 rpm., 460 v.
Marathon, ODP, 505U, 1780 rpm., 440 v.
Toshiba, ODP, 447TS, 1770 rpm., 460 v.
Reliance, ODP, 5006S, 3554 rpm., 460 v.
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200 HP.
Lincoln, ODP, 445T, 1780 rpm., 460 v.
Allis Chalmers, TEFC, 505US, 3540 rpm., 440 v.
Continental, TEFC, 504S, 3450 rpm., 440 v.
Lincoln, ODP, 444TS, 3545 rpm., 460 v.
Louis Allis, TEFC, 445TS, 3570 rpm., 460 v.
Westinghouse, 447TS, 3565 rpm., 460 v. SOLD
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150 HP.
Howell Electric, ODP, 686 Fr., 885 rpm., 440 v.
Westinghouse, TEXP, 449T, 1780 rpm., 230/460 v.
US Motors, ODP, 1504S, 1777 rpm., 220/440 v.
Ajax, ODP, 405TS, 3550 rpm., 460 v.
Louis Allis, TEFC, 445T, 3600 rpm., 460 v.
Louis Allis, ODP, 504S, 3600 rpm., 440 v.
Louis Allis, ODP, 505S, 3600 rpm., 460 v.
Louis Allis, TEFC, 445TS, 3570 rpm., 460 v.
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125 HP.
Toshiba, ODP, 405T, 1760 rpm., 230/460 v.
Toshiba, TEXP, 444T, 1770 rpm., 230/460 v.
Louis Allis, TEFC, 444TS, 3565 rpm., 460 v.
Marathon, TEFC, 505S, 3580 rpm., 440 v.
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100 HP.
Ajax, TEFC, 405T, 1775 rpm., 230/460 v.
Weg, TEFC, 405T, 1800 rpm., 230/460 v. (New)
General Electric, ODP, 405US, 3560 rpm., 220/460 v.
Star Kimble, ODP, N-445, 3510 rpm., 220/460 v.
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75 HP.
Toshiba, TEFC, 365T, 1760 rpm., 230/460 v.
Weg, TEFC, 364/5T, 1775 rpm., 230/460 v.
Westinghouse, TEFC, 365TS, 3560 rpm., 230/460 v.
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60 HP.
Gould Century, TEFC, 364T, 1770 rpm., 230/460 v.
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40 HP.
Delco, TEFC, 364U, 1765 rpm., 230/460 v.
Reliance, TEFC, 324T, 1770 rpm., 230/460 v.
Lincoln, TEFC, 324TS, 3530 rpm., 230/460 v.
Lincoln ODP, 286TS, 3515 rpm., 230/460 v.
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30 HP.
Lincoln (New Surplus), TEFC, 286T, 1760 rpm., 230/460 v.
Lincoln, TEFC, 286TC, 1760 rpm., 230/460 v.
Reliance, TEFC, 286TS, 3515 rpm., 460 v.
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25 HP.
Lincoln (New Surplus), TEFC, 284T, 1760 rpm., 230/460 v.
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20 HP.
GE, TEFC, 404 Fr., 1170 rpm., 230/460 v.
Lincoln, TEFC, 286T, 1170 rpm., 230/460 v.
Baldor, TEFC, 334T, 1760 rpm., 230/460 v.
Lincoln (New Surplus), TEFC, 256T, 1760 rpm., 230/460 v.
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15 HP.
Marathon, TEFC, 254T, 3505 rpm., 230/460 v.
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10 HP.
GE (New Surplus), TEFC, 215T, 1750 rpm., 230/460 v.
Marathon, ODP, 217T, 1745 rpm., 230/460 v.
No Tag 215TC, 1725 rpm., 230/460 v.
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7.5 HP.
Lincoln (New Surplus), TEFC, 213T, 1170 rpm., 230/460 v.
Weg (New Surplus), TEFC, 213T, 1765 rpm., 230/460 v.
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5 HP.
Weg (New Surplus), TEFC, 184T, 1720 rpm., 230/460 v.
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3 HP.
Baldor, TEFC, 182T, 1725 rpm., 230/460 v.
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1.5 HP.
Lincoln (New Surplus), TEFC, 182T, 3475 rpm., 230/460 v.
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